Koni Sport Rear Dampers

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Koni (8040 1217Sport) Sport Shock for BMW Z3
Koni (26-1248Sport) Sport Rear Shock for Nissan 300ZX
Koni (8041 1318Sport) Rear Sport Shock for Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210
Koni (8041 1329Sport) Rear Sport Shock for Honda/Acura
Koni (8041 1153Sport) Rear Sport Shock for Honda/Acura
Koni (8241 1140Sport) Sport Rear Shock for Chevrolet Camaro
Koni (80 2844Sport) Rear Sport Shock for Toyota Corolla
Koni (8041 1194Sport) Rear Sport Shock for Pontiac GTO
Koni (8040-1119Sport) Sport Rear Shock for Nissan 300ZX
Koni (8240 1203Sport) Rear Sport Shock for BMW M3 E46

Koni Sport Rear Dampers Video Review

Koni Rear Shock Adjustment Hack

Koni Sport Rear Dampers

Watch this to learn my Hack & Special Tool I made to adjust Koni rear shocks. Koni's videos show ...

Tags: koni,mazda 3,RX7,Civic,racing suspension adjust...

KONI How to adjust

Koni Sport Rear Dampers

This video is a brief explanation of how to adjust the different types of KONI shock absorbers. ...

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How to Adjust the Damping Setting on Koni Sport Shocks

Koni Sport Rear Dampers

Koni's demonstration of how to adjust the damping setting on their internal compress-to-adjust re...

Tags: koni,koni sport,koni sport shocks,rear shocks,b...

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